Day Camps

Socialization + Enrichment + Training


You’re busy, but you’re still committed to meeting your dog’s needs.

We get it. You have to go do “human stuff,” but your best friend gets bored home alone all day.

That’s why we created a place where he could…

Build excellent canine social skills

Explore activities that meet his needs

Improve his manners and life skills

Maximize confidence by using his body

Whether your dog does better socializing in a group or on his own, we are here to help make life better day-by-day for your furry pal, when you can’t be.

man laying on the floor with a dog licking his cheek
dog inside of a camping tent with men
doghands of owner petting a dog

And unlike our competitors, we’ll do it without suppressing behaviors through fear and pain. Instead, we’ll meet your dog’s needs where your dog is at, and build up confidence and skills step-by-step.

Your dog’s experience will be curated by our highly credentialed training & behavior staff…
for the most up-to-date learning approach possible.

Our Day Camps Feature…

Brain Games & Scentwork

Exploration Outings

Customized Training

Fitness & Body Work

Structured Social Play

Structured Downtime

Day Camp options vary and are customized based on your dog’s needs.

Reach out to our team to check availability and find out what package we can create for you.

“Working with Desiree was a total game-changer! The work we did went beyond just commands and recall, but it really opened my eyes to see my relationship with my dog, Poe in a new way. Not only do Poe and I have a stronger bond, but I constantly get compliments from visitors as to what a good dog he is!” – Victor Pierantoni

“Desiree’s training is equivalent to a Master Class. She teaches the human how to understand their pup. Once I understood my pup, it’s like he understood me! Highly recommend, in fact I’ve already referred someone!” – Dara Forester