Angie Cook


Angie has had a lifelong love for all animals and has spent over 15 years working professionally with dogs in many capacities.

Her journey began in sheltering where she very quickly realized that, while finding an adoptive home was the end goal for rescue, ensuring optimal quality of life for the animals while in the shelter was paramount. As Director of Operations for a small rescue, she began learning extensively about dog behavior in order to create programming that would reduce the Dog’s stress and help them to cope better in the shelter environment. The small rescue she worked for was later acquired by the Asheville Humane Society, where she assumed the role as Director of Operations. One of her first tasks was to create a behavior program for the shelter dogs at a time where this was less prevalent. She worked with Kim Brophey to create the Shelter L.E.G.S. model which was very successful. During Angie‘s time working in sheltering, she deployed with the ASPCA and helped recover animals from dog fighting and hoarding situations. She also served on the board of the North Carolina Animal Federation and has appeared on a few rescue related podcasts. 

megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo

Angie eventually left sheltering and began working with dogs with severe behavioral issues, specializing in aggression, fear and anxiety. She continues to be intrigued by the inner workings of dogs and seeks the most current science and understanding of their experience with veracity. Angie seeks to impact shelter and rescue dogs, as the head of the Family Dog Mediation Shelter Division.

As the Training Director for Canine Cohesion Asheville, she hopes to bring all of her knowledge and experience to the table and create programming and opportunities for the dogs of Western North Carolina and beyond, that will fulfill their behavioral needs and allow them to thrive in their relationship with their families and their life in general.