Feeling Pawsitive Vet

Canine Cohesion is thrilled to collaborate with Feeling Pawsitive to be able offer our clients the expertise of a Veterinary Behavior Resident alongside our industry-leading training at every step of their journey.

These complimentary specializations allow us to share knowledge and create behavioral interventions that utilize the most current, scientifically-validated methods available.

Behavior Modification training and Behavior Medicine go hand-in-hand. Without the other, each one individually is generally less effective and efficient. It’s not enough to simply prescribe a pharmaceutical and expect behavior change:  traumas must be addressed and new skills must be learned. Behavioral training alone, however, is often slow or incomplete. Behavior patterns, regardless of the cause, physically alter the brain and impede learning, and Behavior Medicine allows us to address those changes more directly. Furthermore, the base cause of many behavioral concerns is often medical in nature:  pain, GI imbalances, and neurological issues are just a few examples.

megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo

Meet Dr. Hilliard, Veterinary Behavior Resident

I’m the owner of Feeling Pawsitive Veterinary Behavioral Solutions. I’m originally from Leicestershire, England, but I moved South Carolina at age 11. I earned my bachelor’s degree in animal and veterinary sciences from Clemson University, followed by my veterinary degree from the University of Georgia in 2014. I spent 10 years in general practice before pursuing my dream of becoming a behaviorist. 

Following my graduation, I worked in Wyoming and Colorado, but in 2016, when my daughter was born, we relocated to Greenville to be near family. Now, I’m finally living my dream:  focusing on animal behavior, helping dogs and cats to be at their happiest in their homes. 

I have two delightful daughters: Adelaide and Avalene, and a playful golden retriever named Angus. We love to explore the local mountains and go on whimsically searches for forest and mountain trolls. We also travel yearly to England. When I’m not on call at Feeling Pawsitive, I also love baking, interior design, and exploring diverse culinary experiences.

Meet My Dog



Golden Retriever

Angus is our family’s favorite puppy! He’s currently in training with the Canine Cohesion team to learn to be our practice dog. He’ll be a supportive presence for our canine clients, give a comforting paw to those in need, and a friendly wag to brighten everyone’s day. He’s in training to be more than just a good boy:  Angus is on his way to becoming an indispensable support, guide, and source of joy and reassurance for our clients.