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I’ve always had a fascination with the human-dog bond…

So much is possible if we are open to hearing what they are communicating to us! It’s my passion to help humans and their dogs learn to coexist in a way that builds a lasting and trusting bond. I’m committed to using positive training techniques that are based in science to do that.

I’ve worked with a range of dogs with varying needs: families with new puppies learning that the modern world isn’t a scary place; adolescent dogs whose humans are having a hard time with their teenager transitioning into adulthood; and reactive dogs who need help working through their emotional trauma. With each of these situations, I’m always amazed with how much we can learn from our dogs by learning to read their behaviors. I strive to teach the human half of the relationship the tools to understand this language so that they can offer their dogs help, give gentle guidance, and build a fulfilling relationship.

megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo
megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo
megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo
My own journey as a dog trainer began when my dog Leo developed fear issues and became very reactive with strangers and other triggers. I was shocked and heartbroken to watch my sweet boy go from a confident, happy puppy to a dog who saw the world as a scary and threatening place.

But I was determined to get him the help he needed, and so I dove in all the way.

megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo
megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo
My connection with Leo grew and grew. I saw him become more comfortable in his own skin, learn to feel safe again, and, most importantly – trust me. Helping Leo become confident again was one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done, and it inspired me to want to help other families and their pups. 

I can’t wait to help you and your pup undergo the same transformative journey I’ve been on with Leo – it brings me joy every day to see our clients and their dogs start to connect on deeper levels, and to help empower dogs to lead happier, stress-free lives. 

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Family Dog Mediator

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Meet My Dog

megan shevlin, assistant dog trainer and Leo



Leo is a sweet, silly, wiggly giant. At about 110lbs he’s got a lot of weight behind him but he mostly just uses it to wiggle his whole butt when saying “Hi”. He’s picky about his group of people and dog friends but once he gets to know you, you’re a part of his inner circle who gets the wiggle butt and the toothy smile/snarf greeting every time. He’s a treat fiend and will do pretty much anything for a piece of hot dog. His love of food has been a blessing in disguise while we’ve worked on some issues that he has with reactivity. He’s gotten to eat little pieces of pizza after disengaging from other dogs, shredded bits of chicken for checking in on walks in new places and little cubes of cheese during introductions to new people. He’s a foodie, for sure.

Hobbies: Tug-of-war, chasing squirrels, swimming, sleeping on the couch, chewing sticks..