Intensive Puppy Program

1:1 Intensive Puppy Program

Help Your Puppy Be All She Can Be.


Our intensive puppy program is designed to help your puppy truly fulfill her potential…

And become the go-anywhere, do-anything dog you’ve been dreaming of.

Stop problems before they start, and proactively build behavioral health.

Our unique 12-week blended training program is exclusively for puppies 20 weeks old and younger, and combines behaviorist-led insight with done-for-you trainer support.

Typical puppy-training programs teach basic obedience commands like sit, down, and stay. Our program goes beyond traditional dog training to cultivate deep behavioral health that will last for a lifetime. When you have this – anything is possible for your dog.

Unlike board-and-train programs, your puppy will remain safe and happy at home with you, where he can bond with you…and you’ll both be learning together.

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1:1 Intensive Puppy Program
1:1 Intensive Puppy Program

The Intensive Puppy Program is:







The Intensive Puppy Program Includes

Comprehensive Behavioral Evaluation

Kick-Off Assessment

You’ll begin with a kick-off session with your trainer, Megan. We’ll assess your puppy’s temperament so we identify strengths and weaknesses, take a deep-dive into your goals, and craft a training plan specifically to ensure your puppy shines. We’ll also make sure that this program really is the best fit for your little one, and, if not, determine what would be a better choice. Then, you’ll schedule your first Behavior Check-in with your Behaviorist, Desiree,  to dive deeper. 

Private Day-Training Sessions For Your Puppy:

Twice a week, our trainer will come to your home and work individually with your puppy. This may include training in your home and neighborhood, or field trips to ensure your puppy receives proper socialization and learns the life skills he needs to be an active dog.

Private Day-Training Sessions for Puppy
1:1 Skills Sessions

1:1 Skills Sessions:

Our trainer will work directly with you and your family, to teach you what your pup is learning and to ensure that the training your puppy is receiving generalizes to you.

Weekly Training Plans:

We’ll provide you with weekly training homework and plans. This way, you’ll always know what we are working on, and you’ll know exactly what you should be doing to provide the maximum support.

Weekly Training Plans
Continued Behavioral Oversight.

Continued Behavioral Oversight.

You’ll have access to unlimited check-ins with our behaviorist, to ask your most difficult questions and to ensure that everything with your puppy is tracking the way it should. This way, every red flag is immediately caught and the training your puppy is receiving is continuously adaptive, at the highest level.

Full Between-Session Support:

You’ll have access to both your trainer and your behaviorist for the entire duration of your program. Get your questions answered when you have them, so that your puppy’s training is maximized and nothing falls through the cracks.

The behavioral portion of your training program may be conducted on-line, via Zoom. Hands-on skills sessions and day training will take place in your home or at field trip locations.

Full Between-Session Support

Every Program Also Includes…

Discounted rate for any future sessions.

Just in case you ever want to fine-tune, refresh, or work on additional issues.


Full Resource Library.

Additional bonus lessons, so you can keep growing even after our sessions.

Lifetime access to all online resources.

This way, you can review what you’ve learned any time or redo the program on your own with future dogs, without paying more.

Program Investment:

Kick-Off Assessment: $135

Assess your puppy’s strengths and weaknesses and map out a customized training plan.

Specialized Program:

Once you complete your Kick-Off Assessment, you are eligible to enroll in your Specialized Program:

Intensive Puppy Program:  $2500


Payment Plans Available.

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Do I need to be present for the day training sessions?

No. In fact, we recommend that you remove yourself from the training session, even if you are present in the house. This allows your puppy to focus and your trainer to be maximally efficient.

What commands will my puppy learn?

This depends on your desires and goals for your puppy, and your puppy’s individual needs. Our focus in this training program is not teaching obedience commands, although some commands may be a part of the program. Instead, our focus is on teaching foundational behavioral health. This means we will emphasize things such as socialization, attention and responsiveness, calmness and slow thinking skills, cooperative care and handling, etc. When your dog is a master of these more fundamental skills, training obedience commands — and actually getting a response to them, even in distracting environments — is both easy to do later, and somewhat optional. 

How long are training sessions?

The day training sessions vary, depending on what is being worked, but average one hour. Hands-on skills sessions are one hour each. Your initial behavioral evaluation is 1.5 hours, and subsequent behavior check-ups are one hour each.

What techniques do you use?

We use the same dog-friendly, positive, science-based techniques with puppies that we use with all our clients. We do not use any techniques based in force, punishment, or aversion, and will never use any form of electronic, choke, or prong collar on your puppy.

“There were so many benefits to working with Desiree! She was able to foresee everything that was coming with our puppy, so we were ready and had the tools to deal with it. She provided constant advice anytime we had a question or an issue. Now, my Doberman has self-control, knows how to behave and is the perfect dog for us.” – Jolie Joseph

“Desiree at Horizon Dog Training has been a lifesaver as I’ve worked to raise a very high energy, high drive puppy through a pandemic and major move to a new city. I only wish I’d found her before I brought my puppy home, so I could have started with a training plan from the first week! For anyone looking to get a new puppy and wanting to get them on good footing from the get-go, I highly recommend her. Very much appreciate the emphasis on “life skills” and habits, rather than pure obedience and commands, and Desiree is very responsive with my many, many questions!” – Alex Kinzer

“Desiree is an amazing trainer. This is not just “sit stay.” This is truly getting your dog to use their brain and think for themselves. My puppy learned so much just in one session! I highly recommend!” – Rebekah Anthony